EM Insurance Protection

EMotorad and GlobalAssure jointly bring you a comprehensive eBike insurance policy.

  • Support whenever you need it
  • Avail within 30 days of Purchase
  • PAN India Coverage
  • Multiple Payment methods

24x7 Phone Support

Doctor Consultation

Emergency Message Relay

Locating Nearest Police Station

Ambulance Referral

Complimentary Cycle Theft Insurance*

Complimentary Cycle Damage from fire*

Complimentary Permanent Disability/ Accident Death Insurance Rs. 2,00,000*

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We want you to remember your ride, not your bills!

That’s why EMotorad and GlobalAssure jointly bring you the comprehensive eBike insurance policy. Our goal is for you to cycle without you being preoccupied with fears or worries. Our Protection Plan is tailored so that cyclists can enjoy their rides while enjoying an extensive list of benefits. Enjoy health assistance, theft protection and roadside assistance, all while being easy on the pocket.

NOTE: Insurance purchase is only valid within 30 days of Purchase of your EMotorad cycle


  • Why Global Assure?

    It’s easy for us to get carried away with our brand new bike but there are many situations like theft or personal injury that can arise. A Pedal Cycle Protection Plan covers every possibility and provides you with the resources you need to get to your destination safely and securely. Our Partner, Global Assure is one of the leading assistance companies of India that offers benefits such as minor roadside repair, flat tyre changing, battery jumpstart, towing services, refueling and much more.

  • Emergency Contact?

    For any emergency breakdown assistance, you can call us at 18005723861

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